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Types of Installation

Whether you're in the market for a completely hidden, full function "Smart Home" or a flashy, slick stack of the ultimate electronics, you need a professional installation so it all works properly. None of this is "plug and play." Each category below is designed and sold separately and then integrated to co-exist in your environment. How easily you interact with the completed system(s) is what separates us from our competitors. We design the system for you, around your needs and comfort level.

Home Automation

From simple lighting events scheduled on timers, to full-on multiple system bi-directional communication, we can provide state-of-the-art system management.

Home Theater

The root of our name, a true "Home Theater" is meant to re-create the cinema experience. This can only be done with a screen that is larger than life (more than 80") in a dedicated, closed environment, with a front-projected image on a reflective screen.

Music and Sound Systems

The most common request for systems we provide is music and video distribution. We can give you sound throughout your home for personal enjoyment, party environment, or security.

Lighting Controls

These systems provide the most immediate benefit to your lifestyle. A Lighting Control System greets you when you come home, makes it easy and efficient when you leave, adds to your security and safety, and best of all - cleans up all that awful "wall clutter."

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To create the best system for your home, Home Theater Concepts will conduct a FREE in-home consultation to fit your needs.

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