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Complete Project Mangement

At Home Theater Concepts, our approach to designing a Home Theater or whole-home audio/video system revolves around the client's needs and desires for function and form. Whether you are interested in all the latest technological advances, or require high quality equipment in a simple package, our specialty is tailoring those needs to your environment. Our services include systems design, furniture and enclosure fabrication, as well as professional lighting design. In addition, we are affiliated with some of the top interior designers in the area and can provide spectacular environments. In short, we can offer a one-stop source for any project.


To experience moving special effects and off-screen sound, and to ensure crisp, distinguishable dialogue, home theater envelops the audience using surround sound. While the number of speakers and their positioning may vary based on the room size and budget, the home theater audio system is comprised of front speakers, a center dialogue speaker, rear ambience speakers, and a subwoofer (a low frequency speaker that helps to add the dramatic realism to the sound experience).


The screen must utilize the audience's peripheral vision by offering a picture larger than life. Screens are designed in three types: curved fixed, for rooms with ambient light; flat retractable and flat fixed, both of which require darkened viewing rooms. The latest in visual technology is high definition television (HDTV) which brings the home theater audience closer to actually being in the picture. HDTV screens, while not exactly the same, more closely resemble the dimensions of theater screens.


The ideal time to consider a home theater is while a home is being designed by architect or at least with the knowledge that an existing room may need to be re-designed to create the home theater ambiance. It is important to educate interior designers about home theater so they understand they are helping to re-create the ideal motion picture viewing environment--not just designing furniture for existing audio and video components. The goal is to create a large, theater sized ambience in a much smaller space.

Quick Facts

  • Home Theater Concepts was founded in 1986 by Jay Trieber.
  • Neil Colvin joined as a partner in 1992 to focus on emerging media technologies
  • Our average employee tenure is over 15 years.
  • We are an authorized dealer for the highest quality products in the industry.
  • Our foundation is based in service and technical competence.
  • We have an extensive list of repeat customers.
  • HTC is a Founding Member of The Custom Electronics Designers and Installers Association.
  • The Service Bench (TSB), HTC's sister company, services all home theater and other audio/video components
  • For more information about Home Theater Concepts, please contact us at (800) 441-7611 or info@hometheaterconcepts.com.

To create the best system for your home, Home Theater Concepts will conduct a FREE in-home consultation to fit your needs.

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